1/4 mile Run or Power Walk

1/4 mile Run or Power Walk


It's Autumn and a great time to walk or run in your neighborhood for our Challenge of the Week. Sightseeing and running is a great combination because the time flies by when you are noticing the changes of Fall around you. Even if you live in a season-less environment October brings an energy of change heading into the darker months of Winter. Think of this Workout as a Harvest, reaping what you sow when you have accomplished 1/4 mile 3x this week before it gets too cold or busy with the holidays! You will feel the difference mostly in your abs and legs, not to mention your lungs. Rhythmic breathing aids in lung function.

Elements Of A Good Running Technique

An upright posture is essential, a runner should maintain a relaxed frame and use his/her core to keep posture upright and stable. This helps prevent injury as long as the body is neither rigid nor tense.

Leaning forward places a runner's center of mass on the front part of the foot, which avoids landing on the heel and facilitates the use of the spring mechanism of the foot. A slight forward lean also makes it easier for the runner to avoid landing the foot in front of the center of mass and the resultant braking effect.
The most common running mistakes are tilting the chin up and scrunching shoulders.

Benefits Of Running

While there is the potential for injury in running (just as there is in any sport), there are many benefits. Some of these benefits include potential weight loss, improved cardiovascular and respiratory health (reducing the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases), improved cardiovascular fitness, reduced total blood cholesterol, strengthening of bones (and potentially increased bone density), possible strengthening of the immune system and an improved self-esteem and emotional state.

Running, Like All Forms Of Regular Exercise, Can Effectively Slow Or Reverse The Effects Of Aging

Running can assist people in losing weight, staying in shape and improving body composition. Running increases your metabolism. Different speeds and distances are appropriate for different individual health and fitness levels. For new runners, it takes time to get into shape. The key is consistency and a slow increase in speed and distance. While running, it is best to pay attention to how one's body feels. If a runner is gasping for breath or feels exhausted while running, it may be beneficial to slow down or try a shorter distance for a few weeks. If a runner feels that the pace or distance is no longer challenging, then the runner may want to speed up or run farther.

Running can also have psychological benefits, as many participants in the sport report feeling an elated, euphoric state, often referred to as a "runner's high”. Running is frequently recommended as therapy for people with clinical depression and people coping with addiction. A possible benefit may be the enjoyment of nature and scenery, which also improves psychological well-being.

Power Walking

Power walking or speed walking is the act of walking with a speed at the upper end of the natural range for walking gait, typically 7 to 9 km/h (4.5 to 5.5 mph). To qualify as power walking as opposed to jogging or running, at least one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times. In Italy, power walking is called fitwalking.

Calories Burned

The calories burned from power walking are comparable to those burned by running. According to the CSG Network's calorie burn calculator, a 150-pound person walking at a pace of 4.5 mph for one hour would burn approximately 307 calories. By comparison, the same 150-pound person jogging at 4 mph on a level surface would also burn approximately 307 calories. Running at a pace of 5 mph does increase the calories burned significantly -- for a 150-pound person running at this pace would burn 545 calories per hour. If you are trying to lose weight by burning excess calories through exercise, running will burn calories more quickly than power walking.

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