Rise & Exercise Challenge

Rise & Exercise Challenge

Challenge of the Week!!

Jan 192015

What’s your morning routine like?

Do you hit the snooze button once, then twice, and before you know it you’re almost out of time to get ready for your day?

You take a quick shower, hurry to get dressed, pack your bags, and run out the door for work…and you don't fully wake up until you've finished your cup (or 3) of coffee. Wow!

What if I told you that some of the most successful people on the planet start their day with exercise as part of their daily morning routine?

Research has shown that morning exercise leads to lower cravings throughout the day and in addition will give your brainpower a boost throughout the day…

This week I challenge you to Rise & Exercise FIRST THING in the morning at least ONCE this week.

That can include coming to one of our group fitness workouts, power walking or running 30 minutes outside your home, jump rope, or even some light stretching or foam rolling at home.

This will wake up your body & mind, and give you the ENERGY BOOST to take on your day.

Do you accept this challenge? PROVE it!! Snap a photo of you in the A.M doing your workout and post it on our Facebook page.

Woo Hoo!!