Write it, Post It, Make it HAPPEN

Write it, Post It, Make it HAPPEN

Can you believe we are already 6 months into 2015?

Now is the perfect time to review, refresh, and set some new personal goals that really mean something and will have an impact. Studies have proven that people who WRITE down their goals are more likely to achieve them. So today- let’s get HYPER-FOCUSED on one specific goal….something that you really want to change or make happen in your life.

Life is not for coasting and taking the easy road. Life is messy and comes with many challenges…but it also comes with incredible reward if we step up to the plate. Let’s all hold each other accountable to completing our action steps this week so we can start off the second half of 2015 with powerful momentum!

Your Challenge of the Week comes in Three Steps

  1. Write down ONE goal that you want to accomplish on a notecard.
    Be specific! On that same card, list 1-3 action steps that you are going to take this week to work towards that goal.  If you want to take it a step further, spend a few minutes journaling about how you’ll feel once you’ve completed your goal and are successful. (Important: when you write this- write it in the PRESENT tense, as if you have already achieved your goal!)
  2. Tape the notecard to a mirror, wall, fridge or desk in your home or office.
    Wherever you spend the most time
  3. Take a photo of the notecard and hold yourself accountable.
    We all have goals we need to work on, myself included!