Find your “Instead”

Find your “Instead”

Challenge of the Week!! A little bit different. In fact, it’s going to be different for EVERY person who takes on this challenge.

The reason for that is that EACH OF US HAVE DIFFERENT WEAKNESSES.

AND…it’s OK to have weaknesses (after all, we are only human).

We just have to recognize what they are and be able to handle them when we feel vulnerable.

This week, your challenge is to find your INSTEAD.

“INSTEAD” being the key word. Instead of trying to STOP a bad habit, you should replace it with a HEALTHIER option instead of trying to get rid of it all together.

Trying to stop something will only make you focus on what you can’t have. BUT, by trading it in for a better option, you will feel much better about the transition.

So….the challenge of the week THIS WEEK, is to

  1. Identify ONE of your “not-so-great” habits or weaknesses in your diet that you want to change.
  2. List out (actually WRITE them down) 2 ways you are going to plan for success.
  3. Throw away, give away, or donate your “Weakness” item.
  4. Go to the store and buy your “INSTEAD” item!

Remember…you HAVE to make a change in your BEHAVIOR if you want to see a change in your BODY.

Try this and let me know how it goes this week!

Let me know what YOUR weakness is & what your “INSTEAD” is in a comment below!!

Woo Hoo!!