Super 100 (x 3)

Super 100 (x 3)

Challenge of the Week!!


Challenge yourself this week to completing the 100 x 3 in 7 days.

Here’s what it is:

100 Squat Jumps

100 Push-ups

100 Full Sit-ups

100 Burpees

Repeat the cycle 3 times

The twist of this “challenge workout” is you have to go in order. You have to complete the first exercise BEFORE moving to the next exercise. Yes, the BURPEES are last.

It looks like this…

Perform the 100 squat jumps, then the 100 push-ups, then the 100 full sit-ups, and finish with the 100 burpees. Do them all 3 times. By the end of the week, have all 1200 reps completed.

If you really want a challenge, get together with friends and family and do it all at once!

Have paper available to track your reps (you wouldn’t want to lose count).

Remember to worm up, cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes.

NOTE: Please consult a medical practitioner before beginning this or any exercise program to attest your fitness for exercise.

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