How to make sure you eat breakfast

How to make sure you eat breakfast

Breakfast (as we ALL know) is one of the most important meals of the day

With all of our hustle and bustle in the morning…..hopefully squeezing in an AM workout, getting the kids off to school, getting ready for work…our breakfast sometimes hits the back burner. How to make sure you eat breakfast? Start by making a list of what you should eat.

Here are a handful of reasons you should eat a healthy breakfast

  1. Improve your ability to focus & concentrate throughout the day
  2. Help you to maintain a healthy body weight
  3. Give you more ENERGY (which most of us need more of!)
  4. Rev up your metabolism & kick-starts it into gear for the day
  5. Help you to get in your daily requirements for your vitamins & minerals

Your Challenge this week is to Eat A HEALTHY Breakfast EVERY day this week….should you CHOOSE to accept it!

    to eating a healthy breakfast EVERY day for the rest of the week.
    Incorporate this challenge to hold yourself accountable!
  3. PLAN
    Write out your breakfasts for the week on paper.  Going in with a plan MASSIVELY increases your chances for success.
  4. PREPARE (This is KEY)
    Make a list of the ingredients that you need to make your healthy breakfasts for the rest of the week.  Go to the grocery store and get all of the items needed.  When you get back, make anything you are able to in advance (like the egg cupcakes) when you have free time.